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DPearrow USMC

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More To Come Soon

More To Come Soon

It's-a Me!

This Is Me. 19 Years Old, 6'1" Tall. I Am Married To My Lovely Wife, Lesli. I Enjoy: Being With Lesli, Playing Paintball, Listening To Music(Who Doesn't?), And Playing Games. Violent Games.

My Wifey
Cute Lil Wifey
Lesli, Wearin My Desert Boonie Cover I Gave Her

"your sweet and loving wife, loves her Marine hubby!!"


This is my gorgeous wife, Lesli. The one and only woman i love. This girl is my life.

Me In Uniform
United States Marine Corps

It Can Get Boring Here

-Favorite Stuff-

Favorite Picture:
LOL, He Said Cracka!!!

Favorite Games:

Here's A List Of Some Of My Favorite Music:
Mindless Self Indulgence, Korn, Nine Inch Nails...